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ihookup Mobile Native App ihookup Mobile Native App ihookup Mobile Native App

On 05, Nov 2018 | In | By admin

ihookup Mobile Native App

Led the re-design of ihookup web app to mobile native app. Through signup experience from start to finish including several different user flows, interaction design and visual design for an device agnostic experience.

My Role: Led the user research, design, interaction design and production of mobile app.

Working with a multi-functional team in understanding our users putting them through several rapid testing sessions tracking for new patterns. We quickly applied our learnings to improve the overall product to have an impact on the performance and ROI turning the monetization dial a couple notches higher. Some of the key goals that we focused on are accessibility, flexibility, onboarding, and building trust to help our users feel confident ihookup is safe,fun environment to visit.

Challenge: To design and create a new experience while not losing the core users of ihookup. Improve overall flow from start to finish guiding the user through a journey that they will share.